Outdoor Living

Transform empty patio or yard space into a captivating centerpiece for barbecues with friends and neighbors, roasting marshmallows with the family, or a quiet evening by the comforting glow of the campfire. Stop by our Great Falls location today for a warm welcome and a helping hand.

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Barbecue Grills

How can you pick Montanans out of a crowd? We’re the only people you’ll find barbequeing in a blizzard! We like our meat sizzling, smoking, and dripping with flavor. We like cooking the right way – that is, outdoors. And we understand the importance of having a top quality grill. Stop by our store today and get cooking!

Big Green Egg

The only outdoor cooker you will ever need. The EGG’s design, based on an ancient ceramic lidded vessel called a “kamado”, is amazingly versatile and easy to use for backyard grilling experts and novices alike. Grill, oven, and smoker in one, you’ll be able to sear the perfect steak, bake mouthwatering pizzas and pies, and infuse your favorite meats with a heavenly wood smoke flavor – all with the same cooker!


Traeger Grills

There’s no substitute for grilling with hardwood. Apple smoked bacon, cherry chicken, mesquite flavored brisket, hickory ham, maple smoked salmon… is your mouth watering yet? Thanks to Traeger wood pellet grills, having an unforgettable BBQ experience has never been easier.



Fire Magic

For over 75 years, Fire Magic has been building some of the world’s finest American-made grills. Built from the highest quality materials, with an extensive range of premium accessories, and backed by the industry’s best warranty, Fire Magic is the last grill you’ll need to buy.